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What are GIFT, AutoTutor and CTAT? They are adaptive instructional architectures...

  • GIFT is an empirically-based, service-oriented software architecture that includes tools, methods and standards to make it easier to author computer-based adaptive instructional systems (AISs), automatically manage instruction and evaluate the learning effect of AISs, their components and methodologies. GIFT is a widely used research prototype developed by the US Army Futures Command. Want to know more about GIFT?

  • AutoTutor is an intelligent tutoring system (ITS) that holds conversations with the human learner in natural language. AutoTutor has produced learning gains across multiple domains (e.g., computer literacy, physics, critical thinking). Three main research areas are central to AutoTutor: human-inspired tutoring strategies, pedagogical agents, and technology that supports natural language tutoring. AutoTutor is a widely used research prototype developed by the University of Memphis. Want to know more about AutoTutor?

  • The Cognitive Tutor Authoring Tools, or CTAT, is a tool suite that enables you to add learning by doing (i.e., active learning) to online courses. CTAT is software that enables you to author intelligent tutor behaviors to support adaptive instruction. CTAT supports the creation of flexible tutors for both simple and complex problem solving, capable of supporting multiple strategies that students may draw on when solving tutor problems. CTAT tutors track students as they work through problems and provide context-sensitive, just-in-time help. CTAT is a widely used research prototype developed by Carnegie Mellon University. Want to know more about CTAT?