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Intelligent Tutoring System Community of Interest

Evolving the way we learn... What can AIC do for you?

AIC provides expertise and leadership to aid our customers in reaching their learning science, technology and marketing goals. AIC was formed to support our government, industry, and academic clients who share a vision for the power of adaptive instructional systems (AISs), technology, tools and methods.

  • AIC advocates for AIS product & service developers in the marketplace

  • AIC works with researchers to propose and discover new adaptive instructional capabilities and transition emerging technology to practical use

  • AIC consults with foundations and other sponsors who fund research and development to provide situational awareness of emerging learning technology trends and next generation instructional solutions

  • AIC educates AIS users who can benefit from effective adaptive instructional solutions that protect their data and provide ethical assessments of their learning

  • AIC conducts adaptive instructional research and related conferences and workshops

What is adaptive instruction?

Adaptive instruction is any training or educational experience that is tailored to the attributes (capabilities, needs, interests) of an individual learner or team of learners with the goal of optimizing the efficiency and effectiveness of their learning experience and transferring skills to operational environments.

What are adaptive instructional systems (AISs)?

Adaptive instructional systems (AISs) are artificially-intelligent, computer-based systems that guide learning experiences by tailoring instruction and recommendations based on the goals, needs, preferences and interests of each individual learner or team of learners in the context of domain learning objectives (Sottilare & Brawner, 2018; Sottilare, Barr, Robson, Hu, and Graesser, 2018).

AISs include technologies (tools and methods) that have been demonstrated to be highly effective tools for tailoring learning experiences and optimizing learning outcomes during computer-based instruction. AISs technologies include intelligent tutoring systems, recommender systems (intelligent mentors and expert systems), and various types of intelligent media.

What value does AIC offer to their clients?

AIC has expertise & experience in:

  • AIS software architectural design

  • Science & theory of learning

  • Research & development of adaptive instructional tool & methods

  • AIS technologies - improved design and user experiences

  • Intelligent tutoring system (ITS) theory & design

  • Artificial intelligence methods to enhance performance, optimize learning, and reduce workload

  • Design of learner & team models, instructional policies & strategies, and human-machine interfaces

  • Design of compliant AISs to meet standards and recommended practices.